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One Phone call cost the company 7.2 Million Dollars

November 12, 2022 John Thalheimer and Chuck Simikian, SHRM-SCP Episode 14
HR Stories Podcast - A Lesson in Every Story!
One Phone call cost the company 7.2 Million Dollars
HR Stories Podcast - A Lesson in Every Story!
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Show Notes

In this episode, John and Chuck dive into how a single phone call costs a company 7.2 million Dollars in back wages and penalties. If you didn’t know, there is a worker shortage in the United States, and more and more companies are trying to be creative to ensure they meet their customers’ expectations. One option small businesses are turning to is hiring independent contractors to do the work. However, it can cost the company millions of dollars if done wrong. Tune into this episode of HR Stories, where John shares a story where a company misclassified their workers as independent contractors and ran afoul of the law. 

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